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The Flat Belly Code

Measuring Frequencies in Energy Tools

For the last several years, the term ‘frequency’ has been the best buzzword on the block. The term ‘frequency’ has several different meanings, both good and bad. Frequency related to energy tools is a good thing.

Three Steps For Making Real, Lasting Changes

I was asked recently if there was some “secret” to being able to make lasting changes that improve health. Any change you make is going to take some time and effort. That’s a given. And it doesn’t matter if it’s changing your diet, beginning a fitness plan, adding supplements, working on a destructive thought pattern or attitude. Change is change!

The Desire to Achieve

Despite many possible scientific explanations as to why weight loss can be so difficult for some people, this article explores the intangible effect of obtaining fitness goals, or any goals for that matter….the human drive!

Some Principles of Yin Yang

Whenever we resist change we go into the dreaded property of procrastination! Clutter is really a way of pulling your heels to slow down the arrival of the foreseeable future. Whenever you clean out your own cabinets and corners, you’re free to embrace brand new possibilities. But what if you’re not very optimistic about what’s ahead? Take it easy, there’s a way to change that plan!

Good Parenting Involves Intuition

Your Intuition is based on feeling whether a situation is ‘strong’ or a situation is ‘weak’. Every situation in your life either strengthens you or weakens you. You can feel this difference when you intuitively tune into any situation. Feeling should be only this: Does it feel strong or does it feel weak? Is the energy strong or weak? It’s that kind of feeling.

Are You Out of Balance?

Modern life is filled with constant, often frenetic activity. We are often so consumed with productivity that we neglect giving time for the self to be replenished.

Living With Fibromyalgia

Years ago, I suffered with fibromyalgia, which is widespread muscular pain and an auto-immune deficiency. I had this deficiency over 80% of my body, however, there are others who experience a deeper debilitation of a higher percentage. I didn’t have to have any surgery, even though I had a Lunbar-5 spinal bulged disc and soft tissue damage to my neck. This damage all occurred after a car wreck, from which it took me three years to heal. Then two years later, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

How to Make Sure That Your Intuition Is Reliable

When you are able to stop thinking, especially if you have a lot of negative thinking, you will be able attract the right answers to you like a magnet. In order to do this, all of your negative thinking should be pretty much deleted from you. This deletion is just a correction deletion.

Are You Ready to Shut Down Your Thinking?

Logic gives you all the answers, but it gives you all the questions as well. If you can’t match all your answers to your questions, then you actually have more questions and more thinking.

How to Socialise to Reduce Stress

Use social networking to your advantage – It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but most people are ‘connected’ to people online, one way or another, at least by email. Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to let people know you are looking for a new opportunity. Send an email out, too.

How to Improve Your Lifestyle While Looking For Work

When we lose a job, or make the difficult decision to leave a job, a period of helplessness and hopelessness often follows. We can feel depressed at the ‘loss’ of our normal everyday activity of getting up early, getting to work, mixing with colleagues and bringing home the pay-cheque. This article on lifestyle contains stress management tips which can help make your job search a hopeful, rewarding and successful experience.

How to Explore Your Potential and Skills at Work

Is there is any chance of returning to your current/last job? Consider contacting your employer to discuss options e.g., part-time, change of role and duties, change of location, retraining in the company. Remember: your boss/ employer will value your enthusiasm and flexibility. If appropriate, telephone your boss/ employer to discuss your flexibility.

Love Your Body – 10 Ways You Can Accept Yourself Today!

Stop letting the media determine your worth or beauty. Regardless of your size or shape, you deserve to feel beautiful. Use these 10 ways to feel better in your own skin today.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Life is full of many stresses that impinge on our general health and well-being. By supporting our mind and brain we invest in taking care of ourselves and so improve our quality of life. Look to several simple ways to ensure a healthy mind and a healthy body.

How to Keep a Positive Outlook When Looking For Work

Remember: there is a job out there for you. Tell yourself often that, despite the circumstances or the length of time you’ve been out of work, there is a job out there for you. It may not be what you expect, but it’s there. When (not if) you get rejection letters or calls, or even no reply at all, this will be disappointing but don’t let this get on top of you.

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