No-Equipment Upper Body Strength Descending Ladder with Cardio Intervals

Relative Position Coordinates For The Dance Of Shiva

Dance of Shiva is an exercise that uses patterns of movements. It’s like doing a math puzzle using your body as the canvas. Usually you use an absolute coordinate system to describe the position of the arms. As an example, 1-1 means that the the left arm and the right arm are both in position 1. In this article I discuss an alternative coordinate system where the position of the right arm is described in terms of its relationship to the left arm. The benefits are that you see patterns in the way the position of the right arm changes (or doesn’t change) relative to the left arm.

The Amazing, Incredible Plastic Brain

Investigation into the “plastic” nature of the brain has been occurring since the early 1900’s, but those in the fields of brain science held fast to the notion that brain cells did not regenerate like the other cells within the body. Now we have discovered that exercise stimulates the production of natural substances that stimulate the growth of nerve cells and increases the number of neural connections in the brain.” Sometimes it’s nice to be proven wrong.

Good Old Days!

I scribbled a piece about reaching beyond years of your prime. It enticed no comments because perhaps reaching the senior years is no new idea at all. You can be old in physique and feeling and there will come a time that you will feel returning to feel like child again, but all the remaining days will make you realize that you are that old.

How People Create Dreams in Their Brains? A Complete Comprehension

Dreams are debatable issues of our existence, the truth behind it and its importance. There are a lot of ancient beliefs about dreams, and it opens our mind to more logical search for answers. But what really happens in our brains in time of dreams?

Foods That Improve Memory

Foods are the number one necessity of any kind of living things and I am talking about plants, animals and most of all humans. Foods don’t just give us energy for the day but it also helps to improve our memory. Just by eating the right choice of foods, our brains will be boosted and good memory will be stimulated. Be familiar with the kinds of foods that are best for our brain, because the Foods that improve memory are the foods that an aging brain needs to prevent certain kinds of diseases.

Qigong For Energetic Protection

Qigong is, according to Merriam-Webster online, “an ancient Chinese healing art involving meditation, controlled breathing, and movement exercises.” If you are feeling under attack from energy outside of yourself, Qigong practice should help.

Improve Memory: Foods That Improve Memory

There are over a thousand kinds of foods on earth – some are delicious, some are not. These days, there is no problem in the commercialization of foods. Most commercialized foods are known to be delicious but expensive and majority of them are not health friendly; but are we aware that there are some foods which are cheap and can greatly improve memory? Foods are very helpful to our body because that is the main source of our energy but if you are careful on eating the right kinds of foods, you can also boost your memory especially at a very young age.

Spring Cleaning for the Mind, Body and Spirit: To a More Vibrant You

Wasn’t this a cold snowy winter? I for one am ecstatic that spring is in the air. I can finally open my doors and windows. Let in the fresh air. And chase away the winter doldrums. This year I included one new item on my spring cleaning list. Me.

Why Should I Make Exercising a Priority?

All of us who have lived life for any length of time have experienced the loss of something or someone that inspired us; affirmed us. While we can’t come close to replacing those losses, exercise and fitness are two of the healthiest and most fulfilling ways to affirm ourselves. As soon as I realized that pushing past my fitness limits left me feeling good about myself and gave me a more positive outlook, I was hooked.

Erdinger Alkoholfrei: The Alcohol With Almost No Alcohol-Content

For some people, meeting up with their family members, relatives or friends that they haven’t seen for a while is a big reason to celebrate. One way to celebrate a meet up is to sit down, talk and have a beer. With drinking, people would usually get tipsy and end up sleeping and forgetting what just happened.

Ten Ways To Spring-Clean Your Body

It’s time to get healthy! If you’ve spent the winter in sedentary mode, it’s time to use the change of seasons as an inspiration to change your health habits. You need to ramp up your vitality and energy so that you’ll be at your best to handle the challenges ahead.

Energy Centers: The Root of the Matter

A brief introduction to the Root Energy Center and an exercise you can use to begin opening yourself to earth energy. Try it, have fun, and let me know what you experience.

Mind-Body-Spirit Connection: Talk to Your Knee!

Sitting at a restaurant people-watching and chatting with my husband this past Friday night, we touched on some pretty cool topics, but the one that excited me most had my arms animated, my eyes sparkling, and my voice elevated. As we discussed his job as an Advanced Placement Biology teacher at a prestigious high school on the North Shore of Chicago, I wondered aloud the prospect of teaching the future doctors, medical researchers and everyday citizens of our country beyond mitochondria, photosynthesis and traditional biology fare. What if all students were taught at an early age their true power to…

What Really Matters: How the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Puts Everything Into Perspective

We are awesome creatures with immeasurable capabilities, blessed with brilliance, and gifted with limitless grace and goodness. It’s just that – once in a while – we get lost. We forget. We bind ourselves into knots about events and activities that mean – on the grand scale of things – virtually nothing.

Divorce Has Negative Effects on Your Health

Would you believe that divorce can be bad for your health? People who go through a divorce, even an amicable one, have a higher percentage of health issues than those who remain happily married. Experts believe that even remarriage can’t fully remove the scars caused by divorce. Divorce can cause mental, emotional, and physical health issues in both partners, even if they thought they wanted the separation. In this article you will see how divorce affects your health.

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