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The Flat Belly Code

The Healing Power of Sound and Music

We know what a great health benefit it is to reduce stress, and using music and sound to help you do this is a fun, powerful and effective way to enhance your health and improve your energy. In fact, sound and music can help you shift from one state of energy to another, from feeling tired and depressed, to feeling more energetic and happier.

Workout and Music

Music has a large influence in everyone on whatever they do. From working out at the gym, to doing an assignment, to taking an exam or even to falling asleep, music can affect you for reasons that you might not even know.

What it Means to Be Healthy

What does it mean to be healthy? Its all about feeling the mind, body and spirit are all in one line. Feeling healthy is more than eating right, sleeping well and exercising. Being healthy is living a lifestyle where there is balance in all areas of life.

Four Great Masters

Reading about past- and present- masters can be an inspiration. Here are four great masters from the past.

Angels and Demons – Most Souls Have Been Partially Possessed by Demon Spirits

Demon possession is a real phenomenon, silently affecting most souls on earth. If you knew the extent to which your own soul has been targeted and infiltrated by demon spirits you would do everything you could to purify and protect your soul from further infiltration with the help of the angels and Archangel Michael.

What You Think Is Always What You Get

There are many people who have a great deal (computer, job, and friends and lots of spare time) who feel unhappy and dis-satisfied. Why is it that so many who have great wealth compared with others in the world, or even in their neighborhoods, feel lack or worry? They need to learn to listen to their heart.

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Taking time to relax deeply and do very little has hidden rewards: we are able to reconnect with ourselves and build self-trust. Being in a state of quiet contemplation enables us to let go of striving and embrace “just being.” This isn’t about passivity but rather, allowing life to unfold.

Spiritual – Holding Absolutely Nothing Back

Man’s genuine interest is to have confidence in something higher than the self. This is true throughout all cultures, a core of the development of most traditions, where human connections and laws are based, and where the center of morality is founded on.

Tips to Quieten the Mind and Fall Asleep Faster

Do you toss and turn in bed every night? Do you wish you could just fall asleep when you climb into bed? Many people are plagued by sleep difficulties, and have problems falling asleep because the mind continues to race with issues and problems and they are not able to quieten their mind. This article presents a few easy tips to quieten the racing mind and help you fall asleep faster every night.

Achieving Spiritual Development In The Face Of A Materialistic World

In the past times, people primarily used their intuition as well as their psychic skills as a way to understand the world and exist in a way that they can entice good energy all the time. However, it has become a completely different situation these days, particularly that people right now reside in such a materialistic world wherein scientific technologies and discoveries rule how we live.

Spiritual Enlightenment – The Three Stages

The basic goal when individuals undertake spiritual practice is enlightenment. The culminating point noticeable in the practices is when a person already attains the spiritual enlightenment thus they sense the unity of spirit, abandoning all mental and physical engagements and the rest.

Cultivating A Spiritual Relationship

It has been claimed that every person in the world is connected to each other in a lot of possibilities. Even with just one task that certain individual does, it can completely affect the lives of other people, even those he does not know personally.

Spiritual Growth And Why This Matters

Spiritual growth happens to be essential to an individual’s good sense of well being, before humanity seems to have conceptualized the idea and digested it in numerous ways that it gradually popped up diverse methodologies on how you can develop upon it. You term it – yoga, karma, or possibly reincarnation.

Does Your Own Relationship Need Spiritual Awakening?

Are you currently with a stressed relationship? Is it getting more and more tough as each day passes? Perhaps both of you need spiritual awakening.

The Right Way To Achieve Spiritual Awakening

Go check out an Indian expert or a Buddhist monk, and you’ll observe that there’s a wonderful look in their eyes, or a state of bliss that emanates from their own countenance. Since most individuals, especially those residing in the city, are pervaded by stress in an environment in which work deadlines, expectations, and goals are at the forefront of their mind, the urge to disentangle oneself from worldly concerns and dull thoughts may take its hold once in a while.

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