KETO RECIPE: Marry Me Chicken (creamy chicken recipe)

When Things End

Have you experienced endings in your life? It’s natural, and there are always new beginnings!

Healthy Stress Relief Techniques

Stress can come from a number of different places. It can come from your home.

How Are the Mind and Body Connected?

Maybe it is just something that the people in the Eastern countries are born knowing but it sure has taken people in the West a long time to realize that body, mind, and spirit are all connected and either work together or work against each other. We here in the West sometimes try out things they don’t understand because we think “it can’t really hurt”. That is how it is with the connection between body, mind and spirit.

Healing In His Wings – Part 5

5th installment of series study in the book of Malachi. In Chapter 2, God shows the Levite priests and all of us a snapshot of their history, and how they have drifted away from their sacred covenant. The seduction of evil and the constant desire for self gratification makes all of us vulnerable to selfish living apart from God.

Healing In His Wings – Part 4

Corrupt priests is the issue the Lord is about to deal with in this chapter of Malachi. Before even looking into the background of this chapter and its historical references, let’s just take a minute to consider, “Who is a priest and what are his duties?”

Overcoming Problems – 3 Ways to Spiritually Overcome Problems!

Overcoming problems is a skill we all need to learn in our everyday lives. This article gives you 3 ways to spiritually overcome problems in life.

5 Good Reasons to Give Your Man More Space With an Emotional Man Cave

This might seem contradictory to what many women think is a good idea, but the fact of the matter is that “familiarity breeds contempt”. In short, too much of you, can mean too little of him permanently. So the key is to be there, without being the only thing there.

Day Spa Retreats and What to Look For

Day spa retreat epitomizes the best day-time relaxation program that one can ever take. In addition to the pure water that is offered for drinking and bathing, one is also treated to special water based treatments to enhance one’s health. By the end of the personal care treatment offered in the retreat, one feels rejuvenated and more at peace with the world.

A Good Understanding of the Harmony Between the Spirit, Mind, and Body to Live a Refreshing Life

What a wonderful thing it can be when we are living in perfect harmony with our spirit, mind and body. If you think about it, if we do, we wouldn’t be affected by fear, but rather we will feel healthy, happy, confident, contented and more importantly, we’ll be at peace with our creator. While this may not seem to be humanly possible, there have been individuals who have mastered the art of understanding sweet harmony between their mind, body and spirit, which makes their lives more meaningful and stress free.

Vibrational Medicine And Healing

Healing essences is a form of vibrational medicine that is being heard of in the mainstream world more often these days. Many people are wondering what this fancy sort of healing is all about.

Integrating Psychic Ability, Extrasensory Perception and Intuition

Our psychic and spiritual levels aren’t all that dependable, since most people don’t have enough mental intuition and insight to process the information that is evolving from those sources. Most people even mistakenly interpret intuition as psychic and spiritual phenomenon when it is essentially mental.

Get in Shape For the Summer

The summer is fast approaching and people up and down the country are starting to think about their summer holidays. While for most the thought of a break away from home in the sunshine helps them get through another day in the office for some it fills them with dread as it means wearing beachwear.

Rock Your Goddess

Are you feeling haggard by bumping around, circling the hamster wheel of your life? When was the last time you engaged in activities to engage your body consciousness? I am thrilled to share my personal recipe to awaken and rock the goddess within you.

Fight Out Emotional Hazards

Everyone has fluctuating emotions and feelings. The intensity depends on the mood that varies to a greater or lesser degree ruled by a number of factors. Science says that patterns play an important role on how our moods change, and with a little practice, we can learn to change our energies into a mere positive frame of mind.

WHEE and Transgenerational Healing – Affirmations For Deep Healings, Part 1

Family therapists are keenly aware of inter-generational issues that create problems within families. When intense emotions are bottled up and buried outside of conscious awareness, their effects can be visited upon future generations. Fascinating new transpersonal methods enable us to release ourselves from our bondage to the painful, unresolved issues of our ancestors.

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