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Steps to Overcome the Fear of Dying

Every one on this earth will die and dying, for some, is a fearful topic. However, you don’t have to fear death; there are things you can do that can lessen that fear such as…

5 Ways Your Spirituality Can Reduce Stress

Most of us know that exercise and a balanced diet are the key components to good cardiovascular health, but diet and exercise alone are not enough to combat the effects of chronic stress. This article points to one of the less obvious things we can use to help reduce stress, our spirituality.

Kick Start Your 2014 With Weight Loss Hypnosis

Why are you trying to lose weight? Do you want to be healthy or are you trying to please someone? Your motivation will be a determining factor for the outcome of the process. Motivation is the key to achieving your goal along with an interest in weight loss hypnosis, which is probably why you’re reading this article now.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: What Is It And How It Benefits You

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a method of using meditation to create awareness and reduce stress. It is an ancient practice that teaches us to be in the present moment, by simply closing our eyes, sitting in a comfortable position and focusing on our breath as it moves in and out of our body. Why is this so beneficial?

Healthy Human Being

Five components or categories of the human condition that when properly met can keep the human body very healthy. When abused can make being a human a nightmare. What do I need to do to be healthy? Satisfying these five components will definitely put you in the game.

Easy and Effective Ways to Get Better Sleep

Sleep is something we all need but unfortunately, there are many of us who don’t get the sleep we need to stay healthy and well. However, there are some easy and effective ways that will help you get a good night’s sleep such as creating an environment that will be conducive for better sleep such as only using your bedroom and bed for sleeping and sex.

What Is Mind Body Medicine and How Can You Benefit From It?

Mind-body medicine utilizes the power of our own thoughts and emotions to affect our physical and psychological health. Many of the treatments used in mind-body medicine have been incorporated into Eastern medical therapies for centuries. Perhaps the most well-known application today is in the arena of stress management.

Signal Dreams: Indicators of Change

Ever have your life turned upside down by some event that completely changed your world? You know, like a partner all of a sudden deciding he/she wants to explore other options; an unexpected promotion that’s going to take you half way across the country several times a year; a new addition to the family that wasn’t exactly planned for, or the two new additions you had expected to be just one; not to mention all the small things that alter or change your life in some way? Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a heads up before hand? Maybe a little bit of warning so you can prepare?

How Stress Can Effect Health

Negative stress can create many health issues and disease. Learn to manage stress.

How to Overcome the Effects of a Dysfunctional Family

Living in a dysfunctional family is difficult; to say the least and the ramifications that can come from it can be disabling, frightening and confusing. However, you don’t have to live with the results from a dysfunctional family. There are positive steps you can take that will set you free such as..

Essential Oils – Rosemary

Rosemary essential oil has numerous benefits that will improve the overall health of your mind, body, and spirit. It is one of the most powerful and prominent of all the essential oils.

Understanding The Meaning Of Life Thanks To The Meaning Of Dreams

In the beginning of my long research I was an insignificant woman who was continuing Carl Jung’s research, without scientific recognition. My research was based on my obedience to the divine guidance in dreams. I knew that dream translation was a powerful alternative because it creates a bridge between God and the human being. I understood that I had the moral obligation to learn more about this matter and simplify Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

Will You Be OK Since the Little Rodent Says 6 Weeks of Winter?

Hey Canada… OK, OK, so that little Canadian rodent Wiarton Willie did see his shadow awhile ago and predicted six more weeks of winter. If you’re a Canadian like me that’s a dreaded outlook. Whether he’s right or wrong I can just look out my window today and realize that even a few more days of this will drive me crazy unless I get proactive and think positively about how to face the rest of this Canadian winter.

Deep and Restorative Sleep: 3 Positive Changes You Can Make Now to Sleep Better Tonight

Getting adequate, quality amounts of sleep is a constant source of frustration for many Americans. Between falling asleep, having a restful night, and waking up energized, there are a lot of ways we’re failing ourselves when it comes to this incredibly crucial part of our lives. There are various things we have control over that have the power to improve our sleep and overall energy levels. Here are 3 things you can do now, to sleep better tonight!

Separation Between Church and Fitness: Is Health And Wellness A Priority In Your Church?

Let’s discuss the separation between church and fitness. Where is the disconnect? Let’s set the record straight and require accountability.

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