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It Is Time to Change Your Mindset

It seems that everywhere you look or read, the new buzz word is ‘mindset’. So, of course I decided I would write about this subject as well. However, just as you’ve probably read elsewhere I will not try to enhance it in any fashion. If you know me or my work you will know that I usually share or tell folks like it is.

Health and The Mind Body Connection

My interest in the union of mind and body began some years ago via my own health issues. Having survived a life threatening illness, I sought answers to my burning questions.

The Cross Roads of Life

Have you ever wondered where you would be if you had decided long ago to take a different road in your life? Yes, those cross roads in our lives can be difficult and there are some of us who face these cross roads many times over. Would you do anything differently today if given the opportunity?

Got Focus? Improving Memory and Concentration With Etherium Gold

Do you have days when you just feel foggy? I struggled with this for years until I discovered an all-natural, completely safe remedy that had none of the negative side effects of caffeine.

Chakra Balancing – Increase Your Health and Happiness

Chakras are the vital energy centers within the body. When they are in balance, you will feel safe and secure, powerful, full of love and compassion, communicate well, have good intuition and connection to spirit. Traditionally, they can be balanced through meditation, toning, visualizations, affirmations, yoga and breathwork.

The Sad Shoulder: Her Body Holds the Memory

Even from a distance I could see the set of her shoulders They looked squeezed together like two mismatching pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. She is my ten oclock appointment. Her shoulders are stiff, as if held together by superglue.She shook my hand. She pretended to smile. Her smile was her way to face the world;especially the world that had glued her shoulders together, the world that had stopped listening to her in her most urgent time of need.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Story

Quite often the holidays not only brings happiness but for many it brings sadness. Perhaps they lost a loved one or don’t feel that they can provide for their family. Whatever the reason, it’s important to share your story.

Use Your Senses – Touch and Intuition

We use our senses automatically, without even thinking about them. Touch and intuition are often reflected in our emotions, our gut reaction to situations. We talk about feeling on many levels, not just as a physical sense. And intuition is a powerful guide in our lives. Here are a few ways to improve these two senses.

A Virtue We Must All Possess

One of the virtues we must all strive to possess is patience. As mom or a woman in general, it can be a bit difficult to have patience, but it is something that is completely necessary. It is not simply necessary for the relationships we are involved in to flourish but necessary for our entire well-being.

Do You Need More Energy Right Now?

Let me tell you my story about some energised products that I am using to energise me, cure headaches or other ailments, increase metabolism, and give you the wow factor. Not to mention remove toxins from your food and drink as well as remove toxins from your body. So if you are currently lacking in energy to get the jobs done that need doing then read on.

What Is Tranquility – Why Do We Need to Embrace Tranquility

When you think of the word tranquility, do you think about peaceful surroundings, a shaded woody area, a waterfall or a garden with butterflies? Often times, people think that in order to have tranquility in their lives, they need to have a peaceful environment.

Journey to Optimal Health Using Action Research

She uses the action research steps of discover, measurable action and reflection to guide her process. She talks about losing weight, regaining energy and flexibility. The three main topics of the article are a focus on changing her alkalinity, riding her bike and working out. She emphasizes that anyone can use this process and take their own steps toward optimal health.

Naturist Sauna – The Perfect Way To Good Health

Most of us feel comfortably uninhibited to be without our clothes in our own private sauna. This is a discussion about naturism and applying it to your experience in a sauna whether in your own home or elsewhere.

Accept Help: You Are Not Alone

It saddens me when I hear people say that no one can do it better than them, so they don’t need help. Yes, I have actually encountered individuals that still say that to this day. Now, don’t misunderstand, I was one of those individuals at one time in my life.

The Key Components of Wellness

What is wellness? Wellness, as defined by dictionary.com, is “the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort”. I totally agree with this definition and would also add that wellness includes emotional and spiritual components.

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