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Shower Time For Relieving Stress

People often do a lot of things in order to relieve their stress. Sometimes, they’re going to a spa, going to a gym, or going to any place that might relieve their stressful feeling. Unfortunately, some people could only do those relaxing activities on the weekend. If you belong to these people, you can take a simple activity in your daily life, a shower. This is one of some great alternatives in relieving your stress.

Healing the Body and the Mind With Kabbalah

How do we overcome temptation? How we fight the battle of the bulges? There are startling answers that have layed hidden in the teachings of the Hassidic master for centuries until now. We can now use the revelation of Kabbalah to overcome adversity and live healthier with true joy.

Top Ten Attitudes of Health and Fitness

I have a unique opportunity to work with many types of people. This allows me the chance to observe different fitness attitudes. It is this attitude toward nutrition, health and exercise that shows as people engage in physical activity. It also affects the kind of outcomes they will experience. I will share the top ten health and fitness attitudes with you.

Perfect Peace

We all go through different levels of pain in our lives; whether the pain is physical, emotional, spiritual, or an economical pinch. The pain we face can be controlled if we choose to allow ourselves to focus on the positive emotions and feelings that we have, and an intellectual mind set to overcome the many setbacks we have to face in this life.

Hematite Magnetic Bracelet

For those people who believes in using natural stones and crystal for generating healing effects, hematite seems to be one of the most popular choices. It is believe that bracelets, when combining hematite and magnets, are able to heal pains and ease headaches.

Using What You Think About to Achieve Your Goals and Overcome Obstacles

It has been proven that stress is a major cause of all fatigue and illness. The stress response is a reaction by you, based on perceptions created in your mind. It has been shown that we only use 10% of our mind and that 75% of all sickness and disease has it origin in the mind. That equates to 10% of the mind causing 75% of sickness.

How to See Your Aura – Practice Viewing Your Own Aura

Would you like to be able to see your own aura? Don’t worry if you’re not one of those few people who have always had the ability to view auras, because most of us can learn to see them with some time, effort and practice. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the things that are involved with learning to see your aura.

Get More Energy! 12 Healthy Habits

Do you find yourself drained and tired by noon? Need more energy? Well here are some healthy tips to help you get through the day and keep you in shape.

Weeding Wisdom From the Garden

I am inspired by weeding the garden. I know that sounds strange but the work allows my mind to drift and examine things on many levels.

Abundance and Prosperity

How we construct our perception inevitably becomes our reality. Our attitude and perception are what mold our life situations, thus it is extremely important that we see things in a positive and loving light.

Finding Your Passion With Chakra Meditation and Acupuncture

What are you doing in life if not working, living and breathing your passion? I know, it sounds kind of blunt and a bit harsh especially if you have allowed yourself to get far away from what makes you happy. Have you escaped bliss and are unsure how to return?

Communicate Effectively For Health and Wellbeing

From a mind-body perspective, blocked 5th Chakra energy can manifest as a sore throat, thyroid imbalance and tense shoulders. If you are not ready to speak your truth than at least start writing it out.

Create Your Dream Life With a Clear Vision

Can you picture your ideal job, relationship, home, social circle in your mind’s eye? You are half way to living the life of your dreams if you can actually sense what it feels and looks like.

The Law of Attraction – Using the Power of Your Thoughts to Influence Your Life

What you think about in your subconscious will actually draw people and events to you, through your reactions to the thoughts. Your subconscious only works to create your reality based on the messages you send it. Learn how to shift your thoughts to change your outcomes.

Forgiveness For Wellness

Some hold on to resentment for years, feeling justified in their anger. Even if someone has intentionally hurt you, resentment harbored only negatively impacts YOU!

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