Healthy breakfast idea – What’s your favorite breakfast parfait combo?

Tips – How to Enhance Your Memory

There are many people in this world who has a long and a short term memory. But, it is good if many people have long term memory. To reach that, it needs efforts and ways to have maximum result.

The Shaman and Soul Loss

A discussion of the role of the shaman in soul loss. Cites the three causes of soul loss.

Active Life and Eating Habits – Tips?

The secret behind active life is hidden in your eating habits. If you eat healthy, you live longer. You don’t have to necessarily cut down eating outside. Care must be taken in what you eat outside, restaurants offer plenty of nutritive yet yummy delicacies which you can’t resist.

Why We Need Vacations

Taking a vacation may seem like a luxury, but it shouldn’t be. Here is why we need them…

Pain – The Messenger

Pain is my messenger. It is here to teach me how to listen to my essential self, my inner healer, and stop resisting everything in my life.

Feel the Healing

How many of use don’t have time to be sick? How many of us, dealing with one chronic issue or another, plow forward with our lives, never stopping to listen to our Inner Healer? Here’s one big thing you can do to turn the old pattern into a new one and feel your healing.

The Throat Chakra – Healing & Balancing the Fifth Chakra

The throat chakra, for fifth chakra, is situated in the neck area. In this article we’ll take a look at its characteristics, the problems that can be caused by an unbalanced throat chakra, and a method that you can use to stimulate and rebalance your throat chakra at home.

Chakra – Clearing From the Inside Out

Today, many people are suffering from a lifestyle-related problem that the majority are not even aware of, and that is imbalanced chakras. A balanced chakra system is vital if you want to be as healthy as possible on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, and long-term chakra blockages can lead to physical illness and other problems. In this article we’ll take a look at one of the best methods for clearing the chakras and rebalancing your chakra system from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Chakra Colors – What Color Are Your Chakras?

Each of the seven primary chakras is associated with a particular color. In this article we’ll take a look at these chakra colors, and some of the properties of each chakra.

3 Paths – One Destination

It’s Saturday morning at 7:00am. It’s colder then usual for June and I can see my breath with every exhale. There’s a light mist hanging in the air and I’m standing at the start of a popular local hike known as the Grouse Grind in Vancouver, British Columbia. Its popularity is mainly because of its accessibility and reputation for being an intense and short hike. The total climb to the top of the mountain is 2.9km and ascends 853 metres above sea level (900 feet). It’s a steep, relentless climb and what the locals refer to as nature’s outdoor Stairmaster.

5 Tips For Renewing Your Focus at Work

Vacations can be so refreshing. Two weeks later–even with the demands of a full-time practice–I’m still feeling revitalized. In the last article, I discussed two ways to squash a mind-numbing, “auto-pilot” kind of daily living and adopt a more balanced and healthy mental state. Today, we look at the other half of the picture:

Grateful For My Illness

I am living my very fulfilling, joy-filled life, typing away, feeling… yes, grateful. I am grateful for my own illness, and no, I am not delusional, and yes, I do remember the physical pain I felt. I didn’t always imagine that would be the case, but it is true now.

A Call Out to All Perfectionists and Overachievers

Why are we type A, overachieving, perfectionist, anxious, shy women prone to illness? My theory, and it’s new and as yet unrefined, is we are the women who do not listen to our bodies. We are too busy, we are focused on our achievements, we are thinking about making everything perfect, we are stressing about every little thing, we are worrying about everything possible, and we are not confident within ourselves. We do not listen.

Eight Tips For Selecting a Martial Arts Studio

The main reason most people drop out of the martial arts — besides life taking them in different directions — is because they didn’t take the time to do any research and found out later the studio they joined wasn’t what they expected. The time you invest researching studios will pay you back a thousand fold. It will also help you find the right studio for you. You’ll be more enthusiastic about your training and you’ll get more out of it.

This Isn’t Another Fitness Motivational

People often ask me what they can do to feel more motivated about training in the gym, especially when they keep skipping out of training time. I often get the feeling that I’m supposed to respond by providing them with another fitness motivational message?

The Flat Belly Code

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