Getting broke off (doing a real prison burpee routine)

Wellness Retreats – An Introduction

How pleasurable and soothing it is to have wellness retreats in a spa or some countryside resort. This kind of retreats are very essential for both our body and soul. They not only heal and cure body from fatigue and weariness but also remove stress of mind.

How to Achieve the Runners High at Will

So what is the runners high? In this article I wan to briefly discuss what having runner’s high means. For most people it happens by accident.

Can Dowsing Help You?

Dowsing is a great way to discover the energy around us. It may help us understand whether our anxiety attacks depend on a certain spot that has got negative energy or disturbed energy fields. If applied properly, it can help us transform the negative energy into a positive one and so reduce or eliminate our anxiety.

Reach Your Self-Healing and Higher Self-Esteem

So many people have been crippled and destroyed in their well being and joy in life because of low self-esteem which can create poor performance, stress, and anxiety among others. Can you imagine yourself standing in front of a congregation very shy with nothing to say or talk about, then all of a sudden people laugh at you loudly because of your behaviors?

How to Take Care of Your Health Properly

There are many tips and guidelines out on the net if you wish to take care of your health. However, are all of them so accurate and helpful? Unfortunately, many are useless; this article will detail a few must-have guidelines and give clues to help you identify worthwhile health advice.

Factors That Destroy Your Body’s Health

There are many factors that can destroy the health of your body and could completely demolish your immunity system, which leads to the person catching a whole lot of diseases that may slowly lead to death. When we talk about health, there are a lot of things that come in a person’s head. The first thing that might come to your head when this word is mentioned is whether you are healthy or not.

Introduction to Tapping

Most of us do not know how to harness the potential of our brain and I am going to give you a great tip that will begin to train your brain to think in a positive way and thereby get you more positive results. This primarily also involves your sub conscious. “Setting an intention” simply means an Active instruction to your sub conscious mind to work in a certain way. Say for instance you have an important meeting and you are anxious about it and you are not focussing properly. Do the following:

Body Lotion – The Secret to Staying Young

After a stressful day at work, your skin can become very dry and broken and lacks moisture and nutrients, therefore it is imperative to feed your skin with some minerals. Body lotion is the ideal way to make your skin happy again.

Neuromuscular Technique

Neuromuscular Technique is incorporated into Holistic Massage when someone is suffering from severe muscle tension to treat and prevent soft tissue injuries and chronic pain. Muscles are kneaded until the surface tension which often feels ‘crunchy’ or ‘creeky’ when massaged has been dispersed, and with increasing pressure the muscle is penetrated deeper to seek out and reduce even the oldest of injury or posture related tension. The result is dramatic pain relief- sometimes even immediately after years of pain and inability to use the muscles correctly.

Giving Your Mind a Break

We see the focus on weight loss, diet and exercise, yet are on the go non-stop. We have forgotten how to rest. Rest is as essential as exercise. Your mind also needs a break from constant over stimulation.

The Powerful Alternative Medicine That Slows Aging, Relieves Stress, and Increases Mind Body Fitness

This age-old mind body fitness practice can heal the body, still the mind, and in the process, relieve stress. In addition, it has documented anti-aging benefits. Are you using this practice in your fitness program?

Understanding the Health Benefits Attributed to Regular Use of Saunas and Steambaths

Health benefits attributed to regular use of saunas and steambaths are numerous. A sauna is a room used for wet or dry heat sessions. The temperatures inside are usually humid and hot. They can be above 80 degrees Celsius. The high temperatures make the user’s body to sweat.

Saved by My Inner Healer

My Inner Healer became the architect of my life, and I liked her so much I hired her permanently. My Inner Healer led me right to my life’s purpose. My path to health was also my path to joy and truth within myself. I would never tell anyone to follow in my footsteps, but each person has the ability to tap into their own inner healer.

Laughter Is Still The Best Medicine

Believe it or not, laughter is still the best cure for many ailments. The processes the body experiences through a laugh or two are amazing! This report will bring a little levity to your day and you’ll learn a lot about laughing!

Confused About Your Health, And Where You Are Going?

I’ve been at a bit of a crossroads lately, as I read and research all the thousands of blogs and ideas out there about health, nutrition, exercise, etc. There seems to be a common theme that pervades all of what is written. In no way am I suggesting they are inferior or uninformative about the issues of health or are they espousing anything terribly wrong. However there is something missing, from all of them, it feels like the whole body is been presented, but the life, the heart beat, the essence of what makes us human, what makes us stand above everything created in this world, is missing.

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