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What Makes Today a Gift?

To better comprehend what makes today a gift is to delve into the why of what makes today a gift. Somewhat simple to understand when life seems in order, yet perplexing when life feels in disarray.

How to Fight Against Black Magic

We live in a world where getting people to believe in the unseen is very difficult. People refuse to believe in the supernatural and superstitions. Black magic is another one of those things that many still do not believe and those who do, feel like it would never affect them. But one cannot be careful enough when it comes to taking precautions.

Improve Your Concentration Level With the Help of Meditation

Concentration is very important in whatever tasks you do. Whether you are sitting in a classroom, movie theater or labor room, concentration is needed everywhere and for everyone. Concentration is the key to success in any work or field.

What Seniors Regret Most in Life

What is your biggest regret in life? One thousand two hundred old Americans were asked that question and their answer surprised everyone. Instead of expressing regret over a failed marriage, a business deal gone sour, substance abuse, or not doing good enough in one’s career, they said, “I wish I hadn’t spent too much of my life worrying.

How To Combat Absurd Thoughts And Become A Genius

Whenever you are going down in a dream, this means that you are voluntarily going to the region of your anti-conscience, where you think based on absurdity and evilness. In other words, you think like a prehistoric man; like a demon. You have to stop being selfish and cruel in order to think based on human standards and use your human conscience all the time.

Why Dreams Reveal The Meaning Of Life

You have to protect your mental health in order to protect your life and purify your spirit. Otherwise, you will either acquire a severe mental illness, or you will waste your life having ephemeral material pleasures instead of transforming your personality and getting rid of your worst enemy. Therefore, you will never stop suffering. You always will have absurd and evil thoughts. Now you know that nothing begins or ends on earth. So, you have to take your spiritual evolution into consideration.

The Five Health Benefits of Communing With Nature

The digital world has a lot of benefits. However, it has also caused a lot of health problems for us in that we are not meant to be alone in front of machines not interacting with others or nature. Instead, we are meant to be outside without our digital gadgets. One of the most gratifying benefits of nature is that it builds strong relationships both with nature and others. Therefore, by spending time in nature, we can be stronger and healthier. In this article, I outline 5 health benefits to communing with nature.

Your Health Is Your Business, Indeed

When it comes to your own body and your own health, you’re more knowledgeable and more powerful than you can imagine. It’s been well documented that our jobs, relationships, loneliness, stress and worry can be the cause of physical illnesses, including heart problems, back pain and diabetes. These individual health problems combine to adversely affect our overall quality of life and well-being.

Necessity of Integrating Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

The workplace wellbeing programmes have managed to acquire much fame throughout the world. These projects successfully keep up the health of workers and make them more active. They also make the work atmosphere comfortable and high-yielding.

Energy Healing And Body Talk

Whether you’re an energy healer, a massage therapist, a nurse or a chiropractor, there is a way to communicate internally that delivers your services more effectively into the bodies of your clients. Find out about their ‘body minds’ – and yours! – to amplify the healing effect of whatever health service you offer.

Can Predictions In Dreams Come True?

I studied the neuroses of all psychological types, concluding that all psychological types are absurd. At the same time I verified that the unconscious mind was helping me with the information it was giving me in dream messages, and I was feeling stronger. Therefore, I concluded that the human conscience is absurd and that the unconscious mind is wise. This is why I precisely obeyed the guidance in had in my dreams instead of doing what my conscience desired. I realized that I found a treasure. I was in contact with God.

How Chemicals Abuse

One in ten are currently under the influence of drugs or alcohol. For so many, the chemical abuse trips end in jails, institutions or death. Finally, hope is on the horizon.

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