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Tai Chi – Saviour of My Sanity

Tai Chi came to my rescue as it had done many times before and took my trouble mind and worked its magic. Returning my mind to a tranquil state again, bringing me back into harmony with the world and my surroundings once more. What a beautiful gift Tai Chi has been to me.

Healing Cancer, Part of the Process

The cancer healing process involves changing the automatic pattern, which guides the person’s experience of life, to a new pattern, where there is no resistance to the healing process. Changing the old pattern is essential as the old pattern contains a disease process which is still operating.

Inspired to Greatness

Are you inspired to greatness? What does it mean to be great?

Want To Become An Energy Healer?

If you’ve considered becoming a professional energy healer then you might be thinking: how do I get started? Are there any regulations I need to know about? What pitfalls are there?

Loneliness Can Directly Affect Your Physical Health

Loneliness is no fun on its own, but did you know that it can also cause physical ailments? Find out how loneliness and physical health relate to each other, and how you can keep your body healthy.

Reflection: Your Outer Being Reflects Your Inner Being

The water disturbed by the wind creates ripples and these ripples reflect the light from the lamp. When the water is calm it will only reflect a single light, a near perfect replica of the original. Yet when the water is disturbed it reflects many more lights, and the more reflections there are the more distorted they become. We are like this, disturbed by the winds of existence we are rippled and become a many faceted reflection of the shining light that is the supreme spirit. Like the distorted reflections of the street lamp I gaze upon we become distorted too. Instead of being a unique replica of the one real light and radiating that true light in our own individual way, we allow the winds of life to disturb our naturally calm interior, we become ruffled, we lose our equilibrium, we become confused and lose our way, becoming disconnected from our own personal Tao.

Hypnotherapy Concepts

Chances are you have heard of hypnosis, but you may not believe in it: many people are sceptical when it comes to anything that has to do with trances or altered-states of mind that are not induced by drugs. However, hypnosis is a very real phenomenon that can have many therapeutic benefits. In order to better understand how hypnosis can help people, it is important to first understand how it works, so let’s discuss the concept of hypnosis in a little more depth.

Perseverance and Adaptation

When I first brought my dog home more than 10 years ago, she was a pretty wild one. As she was badly abused by her previous owners, she was neurotic and a little violent at times. I suffered from bites, scratches and minor injury for the first few months of my life with her. I didn’t know how to control her and so I bought all kinds of books on dog training and tried to undo some of the damage she went through in her previous home.

What Are Some Human Organs We Depend On The Most?

As humans we tend to take for granted a lot of the organs that exist inside us. We depend on them for our life and happiness, but we know little about them. I hope to remedy this situation in this article.

Lumosity Review: Brain Training

Lumosity was established as a scientific approach to brain training. Although there are several websites out there for brain training that claim to be able to improve your cognitive skills most of them are dodgy, badly designed and poorly setup. It is clear that designing a tool to help you improve your mental abilities is not as easy as creating a java app of a Rubik’s cube. And this is why it is something that should be left to professionals.

Quality Health – A Matter Of Global Concern

Health defines an individual’s state of physical, mental and social well-being. It is an undeniable fact that the issue of health has gained global interest, and the efforts contributed by world leaders and governments towards the achievement of quality health for all, cannot be overlooked. The article seeks to bring into the limelight the efforts of world leaders towards the provision of quality health for all in the world.

Reiki Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes affects an ever growing number of people. Can Reiki be used to help sufferers and is it effective?

Thriving in the Holidays – Part 1: Mind

Here’s the first part of my three part series on thriving in the holidays. Get tips on getting organized for the holidays.

Gratitude for Real

Sometimes the greatest of life’s lessons come when we aren’t expecting it. Even strangers can teach us if we’re paying attention.

Just Rest

We live in a 24/7 society where stores never close, where moment by moment you can find new things on the internet, where TV broadcasts go non-stop and the fax machine is always printing. People today just don’t want to rest because they’re afraid they’ll miss something. You always see ads or programs touting, “Don’t miss this!”

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