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Chakra Meditation As a Means of Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit-Soul

This article explains how the seven major chakras function on a metaphysical level. It presents the most effective methods of chakra meditation for self-help, personal empowerment and real spiritual healing.

Maintaining Good Health For Senior Citizens

There are five valuable considerations for keeping your health in a good place as you age. They are a regimen of vitamins, healthy diet, exercise appropriate to your ability, restful sleep and a calm environment. As you reach retirement, getting a head start on these issues will head off having to make excessive visits to your primary care physician. If you are already retired and are not managing these considerations well, it’s time to begin.

How to Attain Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness includes your personal outlook, positive thought, and respect for yourself. It is in each and every person, if they just spend a little time searching within their heart, their soul, and their mind. Here are 5 high-level steps to attain spiritual wellness.

Qigong Healing For Improving Health and Energy

Millions practice qigong for improving health in China and the popularity of qigong healing as a means of improving health and energy increases daily in the West. Whether you are looking for an increase in your energy to get through your day or for recovery from major health challenges, you can find a qigong practice that can help you. Breathing and movement qigong methods can improve your body’s functioning and your basic energy levels.

Time to Walk the Talk

We are rapidly approaching a time of convergence when the behavior patterns of the past no longer enable us to move forward effectively. The growth of the alternative/holistic health industry is a testament to the changes that are taking place.

Some Simple Ways to Relieve Stressful Feelings

Stressful feelings often make people spent their time in sadness and desperation. People who cannot handle or manage their stress well even have greater risk of having depression.

Being Healthy is Being Alive

“Health is wealth” is a well-known proverb. It is good health that makes us love ourselves as well as our ambitions on earth. A sick person can never enjoy the pleasures and beauties of life. If there is health, there is life. Sickness brings about disappointment and failure in life.

Given a Choice

It’s ‘Dumb Question’ time. My wife Maggie will tell you that I usually have zero tolerance when it comes to these types of small-talk questions, especially ones where I’m given a choice. But bear with me. Today I have a very important point to make which makes ‘Dumb Question’ time OK… at least for now.

Tell Me What’s Crazy Insane

It’s spirituality time and you know what that means boys and girls. We’re going to get a little edgy. We’re gonna talk some crazy insane, newfangled, funky, offbeat concepts designed to rock your world and push you right out of your comfort zone.

New Science – Rebuilding Brain Cells

So what are we talking about here? Just what is the definition of the mind? What usually comes to mind when we hear the word? Something to do with thinking, right?

Are Your Beliefs Just Superstition?

Because of the intense training and repetition athletes endure throughout their development and careers, it’s easy to understand how mere routines elevate to ritualistic proportions over time. For players and those who know, routines and rituals are nothing more than tools used to increase focus to the incredibly high levels required to succeed in the pros. For everyone else, these weird and wacky ways are tagged as silly superstition.

2 Tips For Renewing Your Thinking

There’s nothing wrong with having a plan. In fact, as busy as most of our lives are, it can be critical. But sometimes it’s healthy to stray from the usual. During my recent vacation, I picked up some fresh thinking about planning from experts. Here are two great ideas for renewing your approach to everyday decisions.

How to Attain Physical Wellness – Small Steps May Equal Large Results

The overall consensus with people when it comes to physical wellness, is that people strive for it, but just don’t have the time, motivation, or tools to reach that goal. What if I told you that learning how to attain physical wellness may be easier than you think? You just have to make some minor adjustments in your everyday lifestyle.

How to Attain Holistic Wellness

Holistic wellness refers to treating the mind, body and spirit. Holistic is a term that refers to seeing the entire package rather than just one aspect of it. Holistic healing aims at healing the whole person, not just a symptom.

Spiritual Wellness For Better Health

There is a soul present, some call the conscious, which leads us to worship and meditation, and controls how well our bodies function. It is true that spirituality is not necessary to survive. But spiritual strength has been known to aid individuals in the fight against cancer and other very various deadly diseases. As well as healing the body of illnesses, spirituality is closely linked with successful body conditioning.

The Flat Belly Code

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