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Are Your Dreams Normal?

Let me assure you that almost anything in a dream is normal. Our unconscious creates images it feels conveys the message in the most elegant and efficient way possible. However, or conscious mind doesn’t always understand what the imagery is supposed to be. So instead of a beautiful woman riding a horse through a cityscape, our dream gets jumbled into an image of a half woman, half horse that jumps over tall buildings.

Success Story With Rose’s Dislocated Scapula

I did not realize that my friend Rose was in an accident. She is very quiet and passive. Two weeks before we were to leave to come home to Colorado from Idaho, Rose asked me to give her a massage. She informed me that the local massage therapist already worked on her shoulder and eliminated the pain so I did not even assess her shoulder until her second session. I worked her legs and mainly her inner thighs a second time to further correct her knocked knees. I proceeded to massage her back into her leg session when I noticed that her left scapula was under her arm pit. The following story is a success story of her structural realignment using my education in Structural, Myofascial manipulation, Shiatsu and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

The Proper Perspective If You’re Overwhelmed By Negative Thoughts

You may see other people in your neighborhood or on television who look like they have everything, the perfect life at their fingertips. It might cause you to start becoming depressed over your own situation and angry at others because they seem to have everything and you don’t, even though you work just as hard as they do. This article examines issues like these.

Ginseng: A Healers Companion

Ginseng also known as Panax Ginseng is a fleshy root typically found in cooler climates, in the Northern hemisphere and is known to be native to Korea, China and North America. In Latin the word “Panax” means “cure all”.

Mindfulness: Imagination Is Everything

Daydreaming is a lot of fun. We get to create our own versions of Hollywood movies, and anything else that takes our fancy. But what if we harnessed the power of our imaginations and used it to create the body we want? What would happen then?

Principles of Embody-Ing

It is not your job as a human being to create a perfect body. If it were so, how would you explain the existence of disabilities, accidents, ageing and genetic qualities that are out of your control and may leave you with an imperfect body? Trying to create a perfect body is an exhausting, futile, disillusioning pursuit that distracts your attention from your real purpose.

Too Much Energy

Do you find that it is hard for you to get to sleep? Maybe you might have too much energy. This is actually a good problem to have. It means you are vibrant, healthy and alive. You just might happen to have a little extra that is getting in the way of you getting to bed when others are. Here are some healthy ways to deal with it.

Religion and Healing

You’d think from reading the Dawkins of this world that belonging to a religion was an inherently unhealthy, because irrational, thing to do, which is ironic really. For if there is one fundamental commonality between all the world’s major religions (and clearly here I am excluding ‘cults’), one thing that they all share despite their massive and significant differences, is this: all religions seek to solve, or at least to mitigate, man’s sickness. Mankind has always known there is something wrong with him (or her) and with the world generally; religions provide methodologies, strategies, beliefs for coping with this sickness. These methodologies, or prescriptions, for want of a better word, may be poles apart in terms of what they advocate, but nevertheless they seek to solve man’s central dilemma, his sickness.

Stress – Destress: Take It Slow

Slowly, slowly, slowly… Stress can kill you – from the inside out and often we are not even aware that we are stressed until it is too late. So what can we do? How can we identify stress? And most importantly, how can we eliminate it?

Increasing Your Vibrational Rate And Add Zest to Your Step

Increasing your vibrational rate will rejuvinate your energy, recharge you, and a new zest to your steps. Here are four quick tips you can use every day to increase your vibrational rate.

Pay It Forward, and Receive Dividends!

Do you live the principle of ‘paying it forward’? Kindnesses extended to others or received from others, whether on impulse or planned, can be the highlight of an individual’s day. Why not light up someone’s life?

10 Ways To Greatly Improve Your Life Experience

Looking for structure? Maybe some zest in your life? If life is feeling bland at the moment put this list into action and start all over with a fresh new outlook. Remember, your past doesn’t equal your future.

Brain Fog, Scattered Thoughts and Distractibility: What Is Happening to My Brain?

Tired of feeling scattered and fragmented? Join the club. Today’s instant gratification society is retraining your brain to skip from thought to thought. Learn how to harness your thoughts and train your brain to focus on what is important.

Health and Your State of Mind

Did you know that your thoughts have great affect on your health and total well being? Our minds and bodies are working in harmony for our good, to move us along in a positive direction.

Brain Injury and Daily Life

Although I do not have a brain injury myself, I live with someone that does. Every day has its challenges, and as the person living with the individual living with the brain injury, it is my job to help with the ebb and flow of the universe.

The Flat Belly Code

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