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Complimentary Health For Your Well Being

Do you feel like you are really struggling? Are you running out of energy to do the things you want to do? Is having fun a difficult task? Are you tired of feeling out of whack? Everyone deals with these sorts of feeling from time to time. Here are some helpful hints of what you can do to get yourself back on track.

Deep Breathing and How To Do It Correctly

Learn how to do deep breathing the correct way. It will make you feel much better and is good for your health in many ways. Learn to do it the way athletes, martial artists and people that practice yoga do it.

What You Should Know About Tai Chi

Doing the art of Tai Chi is not just about swinging your arms and kicking your feet. Every move has a point and a reason for doing. Tai Chi is an ancient art of martial arts that has a purpose and a meaning to everything involved.

What Are The Meanings of the Colors of Roses – Discover Their Hidden Messages

Have you ever wondered what the color of roses meant? Roses have a language onto themselves. They have been used by many a shy suitor to convey a message of love without uttering a word

EFT – The Secret Tool for Stress Reduction And So Much More!

EFT is also known as tapping and is a method of tapping on various pressure points on the hand and face that send a signal to the brain to relax and feel safe. It breaks up the neuro-association of what is causing the stress and the reaction of stress (fight or flight) in our bodies. Energetically, EFT releases our resistance to our unwanted circumstances so we can be more relaxed and open to other possibilities. Tens of thousands of people are realizing the benefits of using EFT for creating amazing and positive life changes!

Discover Easy Tips To Improve Your Memory

Our brain is an impressive center of information with images, words and data that goes back a long way. It can within seconds retrieve information such as birthdays, images, names of people,addresses,directions plus much more. Unfortunately at times the information does not come to the surface and we need to train ourselves to access the information or use reminders to get to the correct info.

Where Did You Look For Your Passion Today?

Are you still searching for you niche and/or your passion. Today may be the day you find it. Where are you looking and how single minded are you?

Science Of Training

The science of training and working out consists in overcoming personal barriers and getting our minds right in order to get in the gym and work out hard enough to be consistent over and over. When the determination to achieve the goal has been set before hand, it is much easier to keep training and training until results are accomplished. Therefore that is why I stress the fact that it all starts in our minds first before we start in any new training venture.

What’s Life All About?

What is the purpose of life? Have you ever thought those thoughts at least once in your life? The purpose of someone’s life doesn’t revolve around their job or things you write on a list.

De-Stress Through the Beauty of Nature

People just don’t have the time to have the time to relax and de-stress anymore or they don’t know how to. One thing to try is to take in more nature into your day. You’ll feel more alive and better about yourself when you can visualize the world at its best through nature.

Mentality Is the Fundamentality of Being

Health is the indisputable main factor designating the quality and the length of life and the state of the mental functionality of a person is the fundamental implicit factor effecting the persons life. Apart from modern medicine and its alternative complementaries, there are numerous self-help measures and all of these are explicit factors. It is doubtful that any explicit measure will prove sufficient efficacy if not based on a sound implicit foundation.

Brazilian Perspectives on the Wellness Concept and Movement

It’s my pleasure to offer the observations of Alberto Ogata, M.D. and Samia Aguiar Brandao Simurro, two Brazilian wellness pioneers well acquainted with trends and opportunities for advancing quality of life in Brazil, America and elsewhere throughout the world. Samia Simurro, MS and Alberto Ogata, MD are consultants on wellness, productivity and health. They serve on the board of directors of the Brazilian Association of Quality of Life and co-authored Guia Pratico de Qualidade de Vida (Elsevier, Inc), the first worksite wellness program management manual written in Portuguese. This interview covers the nature of wellness and trends in the movement.

Are You Unhappy? Try Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude

What makes you unhappy? For that matter, what makes anyone unhappy? At some level, most unhappiness is caused by a combination of two things: wanting things to be somehow different than they are, and feeling that it’s someone else’s job to make things be different. Find out how to become a happier person by adopting an ‘attitude of gratitude’.

Tai Chi, Meditation, And Your Brain

The ancient practice of Tai Chi Chuan, dates to at least to the 13th century. While it was invented as a lethal martial art fighting system, in the last 30 years it has become more and more known as a fitness exercise. Modern medicine has identified a wide range of benefits from the practice of this art, but many of the physical benefits can actually be attributed to the meditative aspects of this practice…

Healthy Means Heal Thy Self: 20 Ways to Get in Shape, Feel Better and Gain Energy

This is your life, it is not a contest with a start and end time. Being healthier messes with your lifestyle, so it is best to make slow easy changes and build on your successes. Learn twenty ways to get in shape, feel better and gain energy.

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