How to Clear, Cleanse, and Balance Your Chakras

When your Chakras are out of balance, it is like a broken link in a chain. Your chakras are the energetic central hubs of your organs and nervous system. When the energy stops flowing, the successive links (chakras) shut down and cause illness in your body. This article teaches you how to clear, cleanse, & balance your chakras to help to prevent disease.

Laugh Out Loud

Humor can help us in so many areas of our lives. We are encouraged to laugh and giggle from our first smile. When we start to grow up, laughter and giggling is to be kept under control. School, work and church are just a few places where we are expected to be in control of our humor.

Laughter With Others

We love to laugh and laughing with others is more powerful the laughing alone. This is a powerful and effective way to heal resentments, disagreements, and hurt.

A Seasoned Citizens Theory Based on Observations

At age 70, I’ve observed a lot of changes in my life. Though well intentioned, I have to wonder about some of the trends that I have observed. I would welcome a professional’s comments, although I reserve the right to disagree.

Replenish Your Soul – 8 Ways to Climb Out of Your Movement Box!

Your body is made to move freely and easily in a wide variety of ways. Remember when you were a child and you played by running and balancing on one foot and climbing over the monkey bars? Remember when you moved for fun every chance you could?

The Facts About Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used to restore balance and cure ailments since the times of ancient Egypt. The belief is that negative energy is released and cleared through their use. By ridding ourselves of negative energies we assist our bodies in healing.

Wellness Defined

Wellness is looking at the person as a whole. It consists of body, mind, emotions, spirit, and environment. The first step to any wellness program is self evaluation.

How to Achieve a Stress Free Life

There are several things that must come in abundance in order to achieve a stress free life. If any of these become missing then there is a greater possibility that one may grow dull and unhappy with what they do everyday. One must be able to feel the availability of these items even if they are not needed immediately, because they make up for the hidden requirements for personal living security.

How Sub-Conscience Programming Can Override Conscience Intentions

The brain is a complex computer. On a conscious level we set goals based on the information we take in and know to be true. However on a subconscious level we have a very strong but subtle programming that has been established through years of repetition and conditioning. Learn how to change your thinking patterns to see positive change in your life.

Circular Motion – The Metaphysical Nature of Space and Time

The circle is the foundation of all existence. If we walk for 26,000 miles in a “straight line” we always come back to where we started. The Universe and all of its parts are spherical and all planets, suns and galaxies move in circular orbits move in circular orbits. The circle has no beginning and no end. Therein in lies the mystery of the origin of the Universe; since the circle has no beginning, when did it begin?

Cancer – Metaphysical Contemplations and Considerations

The Institute of Medicine has identified “health illiteracy” as a major root cause of medical mistakes caused survivable injury and death. Seemingly small things like misreading a label can have dire consequences. In health care communication is everything; find out why.

Want More Energy, Better Moods, More Stamina? How About Answers to Your Problems?

Moving…exercise…working out…working up a sweat – whatever you call it – is essential for good health. Find out why you really need to push it up your list of priorities!

Exploring Chakras

The definition of the word chakra is a spinning vortex of energy. It is a Sanskrit (ancient language) word that means wheel or disk like. Our chakas are energy centers in our bodies that are constantly receiving energy from our surroundings and environment.

The Power of Your Thoughts on Your Health

Change your mind, change your body. Without a brain, your body is useless! Therefore, the actions of your brain (ie.

Aim Global to Share, Educate, Invest and Help – Makes Life Complete and Alive 24-7

There are actually four main ingredients that make life for a man complete and alive 24/7. The balance of these 4 ingredients has a lot to do of reaching a point to the greatest achievement of life: richness of health and wealth to an optimum level!

The Flat Belly Code

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